8 Worst Advices We’ve Ever Heard About Time Management

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)

What if you’re doing something wrong with your time management?

Look. There are lots of advices we hear from people when it comes to managing time. Some are really good, but some are just plain wrong. Below, you’ll find a list of 8 worst advices you can possibly get!


Key take aways and how to approach these wrong advices instead…

1. You don’t need a task list. Not knowing what to do for the course of the day is just plain dumb. You don’t want to do random tasks. Having a clear view of the tasks lined up for the day will save you from wasting your time.

2. Just do all the tasks assigned to you. It’s never wrong to finish all your tasks BUT you need to prioritize them and do the most important task first especially those with deadlines. Knowing what to prioritize also save you from doing things that are lesser important that may drain your time.

3. Be busy. There’s a misconception that being busy also means being productive. This is wrong. There are things that you may be busy doing for hours when you can possibly accomplish it in a much shorter time. Whenever you find yourself spending too much time doing a particular task, examine if it’s possible to accomplish it in a much shorter time. Perhaps you can automate some parts of the task!

4. Multitask all you want. There’s a lot of debate going on whether to multitask or not. Here is what you can do: Multitask if you are capable of doing it, otherwise, don’t! Always remember that there are people who have the ability to do tasks at the same time. If you’re good at it and you know you can accomplish more doing it, then why not right? But if you know that multitasking will just hurt rather than help, avoid it at all cost.

5. You don’t need a Plan B. Do you have another plan in case something goes wrong to your projects for example? Do you have a battle plan on what to do next if things go the way you don’t intend to? If you don’t, you should have one. You’ll have a smooth workflow that way.

6. Taking notes is not necessary. Jot every important thing down. You’ll save more time writing notes and keeping track of it than the time you’ll spend remembering things just because you relied too much on your memory.

7. Taking breaks is a waste of time. If you always neglect to take breaks between tedious tasks just because you feel like you’re just wasting time, then it’s time to change that kind of mindset. Just like a machine, we humans need breaks too. Continuous work will just lead to unproductive times. Don’t forget to stop momentarily and have some fun between stressful tasks.

8. You don’t need to track your  time. How do you know what tasks take the most of your time if you don’t track it? Sometimes, it’s so surprising how fast 24 hours go by. This is why knowing how much time you are spending doing a certain task is very important. It allows you to examine why you are taking too much time doing these tasks and have a better plan or approach to it next time.

There you have it. Knowing these eight (8) bad advices will definitely change your habits and approaches when it comes to time management. Let us know how these tips helped you by commenting below.